New Netball and Basketball Court Access

The Ministry of Sports provided funding to increase hard court recreational space recently by installing lights at the Current John Gray High School (formerly known as the George Hicks High School) hard courts that are located at the south-eastern end of the school compound and just west of the public walking track.

This is available to the public after 5:00 pm during the weekdays, all day during weekends and also available during holidays and school breaks. There are signs with usage rules at the entrance to the courts.  However, the entrance to the courts is not located on the southern end near the road as most people think. in order to avoid access to the School compound itself and reduce security risks, an entrance gate has been placed at the northern side of the netball courts which must be accessed from the main walking track entrance.  After entering the netball courts, those that wish to play basketball can access the basketball courts by the gate that connects both the basketball and netball courts.

The public is advised to observe the rules of usage and to help take care of the facility.  This project has now increased the number of basketball and netball courts available to the public in the George Town area by two each and has been well received. Please see the picture which illustrates how to access the hard courts.


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