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The Department of Sports bases its function on the democratic principle of equality of opportunity and consequently is one that caters for all residents irrespective of race, colour, class, gender, age and physical or mental condition. Our Mission – “To Promote, encourage and facilitate the active participation of all persons in physical and sporting activities consistent with their abilities.”

The Department of Sports was created in 1987 in a response to a social demand and the vision of the then Government. The government decided to focus the majority of its financial resources on six “focus sports”: Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Netball and Swimming. The Department provides technical assistance and expertise in the six focus sports through, community programs, after-school programs, school sessions, national programs, sports camps and provides maintenance to more than 20 different sports/recreational facilities; ensuring they are kept in a state of readiness and safety for public use. The Department also provides guidance on sport policy matters and monitors the development of sports in the Cayman Islands.

The goals of the Organization are:

1.      To use sports as a vehicle to encourage and promote good health, social integration and a well rounded disciplined society. In this regard special opportunities are to be made available to children, young people, senior citizens and the differently abled.

2.      To promote sporting excellence as a means of promoting National Pride, Patriotism, and enhance good will among nations.

3.      To encourage and provide for the fullest participation of women and girls in all areas of sport, consistent with the 1994 Brighton Declaration on Women in Sport.

4.      To maintain facilities at recreational and international standards to cater to the residents and promote the Cayman Islands as a premier sport destination.

5.      To promote and facilitate sport as an industry that will contribute to the national economy.

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