Q: How do I form a Non-Profit (NFP) Sporting Association?
1) Notify in writing your intention of forming a NFP Sport Organization to the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee (CIOC) and the Sports Department.
2) Call for a meeting: This can be done through various media vehicles and the ad should include the meeting venue, date , time and contact information.
3) Discuss the proposed Association’s objectives to the meeting attendees.
4) Identify possible association members among attendees/participants.
5) Select at least 5 executive members for the Association: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer.
6) Take minutes of the meeting and send to all participants
7) Call for second meeting and present a motion to confirm the minutes.
8) Send approved minutes to the COIC, Sports Department and proposed association members. Wait for CIOC and Government Accreditation.
9) Develop Association Articles and send them to Sports Department for Ministerial review.
10) The Minister will then accept or reject recommendations and once accepted, the final document will be taken to the Legislative Assembly for approval.

Q: Does the Sports Department control the associations?
A: No. The Sports Department doesn’t have control over the Sports Associations.

Q: What role does the Sports Department play with the associations?
A: The Department’s role is to monitor and implement Ministerial policies among sporting associations in the Cayman Islands.

Q: How can I reserve/book a facility for an event?
A: Facilities can be booked by any individual and/or Organization officially recognized by the Ministry of Sports and the Cayman Islands Government. However, applications for any International Sport Event planned at a Government Facility must be received at least 1 month in advance for reservation purposes and Ministerial representation availability. Download the proper form from our “Forms” page, sign then fax or scan and email forms to us.

Q: How do I report damage to a facility or if lights are inadvertently left on during the day?
A: Citizens are encouraged to be vigilant in helping us care for our facilities. Any damage, misuse, abuse, vandalism etc should be reported the the Department at 949-7082 or 926-7082.

Q: Who is allowed to use the National Track?
A: National Athletes, National Teams and National Event Participants.

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