Women In Sports

The Department of Sports fully endorses and encourages female participation in sports.  Every year, the month of March is honoring women’s month; the Department capitalises on this month to highlight achievements of women and girls in Sports, showcasing a few over the course of the month – whether it is as an athlete, coach or administrator.  The purpose is to show the myriad of ways in which the spirit, courage and contributions of women have added to the vitality, richness and diversity of the Caymanian culture, while educating the public on the importance of physical activity.

We find within the limits of qualitative research that:
1)As women move out of school into the work place their interest and participation in sports decline.
2)In most instances, the decline in participation is rationalized to increasing work commitments and consequent reduction in “free time”.
3)Whilst many claimed to enjoy sports during their school days, this enjoyment apparently fails to
sustain their participation in the midst of new and increasing commitments from work and family.
4)With many, the efforts required to actively do sports or exercise feel to be too much of a “chore” especially when they perpetually feel exhausted and stressed.

We find however that “exercise” presents a more palatable appeal because it is seen to be less vigorous, less demanding on stamina and energy, keeping one fit and healthy at own pace and more varied;

Therefore we encourage the entire society of women who may not be actively involved or have a particular interest in sports to still remain active by engaging in fun, exercise activities from which they can derive the same benefits of physical activity without most of the time demands of traditional sport.


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